+ Curioso del Lago 1990 - 2005: Mein Camargue-Import aus Brandenburg

+ Thalassa du Barret 1984 - 2008: Unsere Zuchtstute, die uns vier wunderschöne Fohlen geschenkt hat

My first love

was a red Irish setter

I was seven then

she was my best friend.

And the memories we made

couldn´t have been better.

She taught me about love

a little about life

and then she taught me to say goodbye.

My first mare was a deep soul

she had the softest eyes

and together we would glide

through fields and down trails.

I was always taken care of.

She taught me about love

a lot about life

And then she taught me how to say goodbye.



Now I´m older,

just a little wiser.

I´m thankful for the laughter

and the tears I´ve cried.

Now I have been blessed

with so many deep compagnons

They taught me about love

and how to live my life

and they´re be waitin for me

when it´s my time

to say goodbye.


(Lyrics from the song "Goodbye" by Mary Ann Kennedy. Please visit her web-site www.maryannkennedy.com)